From KATC's Tracy Wirtz:

Yahoo Shine! posted this info about the six worst candies to give out for Halloween based on fat and calories. A few thoughts automatically came to mind. First, Baby Ruth and Twizzlers?!?!? On the NO NO list?!?!? Say it ain't so!!! Two of my absolute favorites. Second, it's CANDY! By definition, don't you already know it's not supposed to be healthy or help you lose weight? I was rather shocked that Candy Corn didn't make the list. I got into a great debate with one of my producers the other day. She LOVES the stuff. I LOATHE it. I think it didn't make the list 'cause it's a conspiracy. It has a vegetable in the name so they left it alone. Anyway, I'm going to give out candy to all the little cuties on Halloween and hope their parents do what responsible parents are supposed to do. It's all about moderation. And if I decide to have a piece (or four), I will plan to move a little more. I will also subscribe to the Bill Cosby chocolate cake theory. Chocolate contains milk. Milk is good for you! Baby Ruth has peanuts. Nuts are supposed to be healthy. Check! See, I feel better already.