Hank Williams, Jr. really doesn't want this thing to go away. First, let's recap this whole hoopla real quick.

1. Bocephus makes Hitler-Obama comments on Fox & Friends.
2. ESPN yanks him from Monday Night Football.
3. Bocephus apologizes.
4. ESPN decides to pull the song for the rest of the football season.
5. Bocephus says "oh, yeah, to hell with you all, I'm keeping my song and my Rowdy Friends".

Most people thought this is where the fun would end. Not so much. Hank just released a new song in response to the whole situation. It's called "Keep the Change". Tell us what you think of the song.

***This just in, Hank just sent us a download link for you. Yep, you can download this song for free for the next 48 hours.