If you were out running the roads around Lafayette about lunchtime yesterday you already know just how hard the rain was coming down. Officially Lafayette collected 1.82 inches of rain, most of that came within a one  hour span right around Noon.

Traffic on Ambassador Caffery Parkway was reduced to two lanes because of high water. Many motorist on Johnston Street found travel difficult because high water in the outside lanes and poor visibility due to the falling rain.


Will we see more torrential rainfall today? Dave Baker's official forecast only calls for a 40% chance of rain and most of the computer models for the area indicate the rainfall should be very widely scattered.

Yesterdays rainfall should bring the area to slightly ahead of normal for rainfall, that's good news since we've been in a drought situation the past few summers. Despite the normal rainfall for the area, Lafayette residents are reminded that watering restrictions will remain in place through out the Summer months.