Warning, this will probably make you tear up a little bit...

A few weeks ago at a High School football game in Ohio, St. Clairsville was beating their crosstown rival Edison. Things were going well. They handed the ball off to their star running back Michael Ferns, who easily broke one and took it down field. But, right before he reached the goal line, he went left and ran out of bounds. Why would he do this? He already had 11 touchdowns on the year so far, and this would have easily been number 12. What went wrong? Well, nothing went WRONG, but everything went RIGHT.

At that point, the head coach put Freshman Logan Thompson into the game at running back. Logan had never played running back, and hadn't really played much at all this season. Logan's Father has passed away just 2 days earlier from a stroke. Coach told him "Just follow Ferns."

That's exactly what he did.

After the play, Ferns and Thompson shared a hug.


(Jeff Stewart)

Thompson tweeted this after the game