We all make mistakes. Sometimes we make mistakes not knowing we are making a mistake. When you work in television and you make a mistake you get to experience the moment over and over again. At first glance this might look like an ordinary newsroom shot and any television station in the country.It is actually WUFT-TV in Gainesville Florida, a public television station serving the University of Florida and surrounding area.

We see the reporter surrounded by the tools of the trade delivering her story. But wait! What is that behind her?It appears to be one of the staffers who has just suddenly realized that she is now part of the shot.

What should she do? Stand like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car? Perhaps he should just duck out of the way or try and hide behind her head. It looks like the ducking out of the way was the choice! Oh darn there isn't enough room behind here they can still see me! Perhaps I should just crawl out of the shot or lay down on the floor until she is through.

Such is the life of the TV professional. At least in radio when we make mistakes we can always blame it on The Dawg!