If you like to travel you've got to include a trip to Holland in your itinerary, it truly is a cool place to visit. When you mention Holland to most people they think of windmills, wooden shoes and weed. Most people would be correct because you can find all of those things in Holland.

When my family and I took the train down from Brussels Belgium to Rotterdam the one thing that stood out to me the most was the Erasmus Bridge. It will certainly catch your eye from a great distance as you approach the city by train.

The other thing that stood out in my mind was the hookers. Yep, prostitution is legal in many places in Europe. They don't do hookers like we do hookers in the United States. In Holland ladies of the evening are displayed in store windows. It's like living mannequins inviting you inside for a "shopping experience you won't soon forget".

I personally don't have any use for those services nor the weed but I did get to go see some really cool windmills! I know you were expecting a much more sordid tale weren't you?

For all the differences between Holland and the United States we are still very much the same. We are each cool in our own right. Take a minute to explore Holland, the Original Cool in this great travel video.