We all know the lines by heart, " You'll shoot your eye out" and "Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings"  are classic examples of great lines from holiday classic movies. Well don't expect to get a popcorn kiss under the miseltoe this Christmas. The bottom line keepers in Tinsel Town are dimming the lights on Rudolph's nose and the Magic of Frosty's hat for those hoping to get into the spirit of the season at their local movie house.

Hoping to take in a holiday movie from Hollywood? This year, you're out of luck: Movie studios are saying "humbug" when it comes to seasonal flicks.

Why is Hollywood playing Scrooge when it comes to cinema for the season, read a little further and you'll find out. Then you can tell me what your favorite holiday movie or tv special is.

(via Hollywood Says Humbug to Holiday Movies - MOVIE TALK on Yahoo! Movies.)