You see the stories in the tabloids of the grocery store checkout lines. Those vivacious 20 somethings that break up what appears to have been a happy home. In the bright lights of Hollywood that scene is often played out in front of flickering paparazzi flashes and rolling video cameras. High profile stars end years of marital bliss for..BABY BOOMERS? Today's home wrecker aint what he or she used to be!

Say the word homewrecker, and most people will immediately think of a 20-year-old blonde who steps in between a middle-aged man and his wife. But as these boomer stars show, you’re never too old to break up a marriage

Now it takes two to tango but obviously someone had to cue the band right? Some of the names on this list might surprise you but then again this is Hollywood where nothing is really that weird anymore.

(via Boomer Celebs Who Are Homewreckers | Slideshows.)