Her name was Devra, yep with a "V", she was the smartest girl I knew and for some reason she liked me. I think it was because I could make her laugh. We were in sixth grade and she was my first real live kiss! It wasn't a legendary Hollywood kiss, it was the awkward which way do I turn my face, I hope I don't break your glasses kind of kiss. It was still a kiss and the memory of that kiss stays with me to this day. I like to kiss. I know this will gross out the kids but Mom and Dad need to kiss more often and more passionately at least that's my opinion. If you read further you will see how the experts back up my feelings and I hope yours too.

"Getting back into the daily habit of kissing can rekindle a couple's intimate connection," she says. We rounded up some women to test her theory; Alise's assignment was to plant a big fat one on her hubby at least once a day. "We'd been off it for so long that I was nervous about how he'd react," she says. But after a week of making out more than they had since the honeymoon, she reports, "I swear we're as giggly and as turned on as when we first met." Read on for five more experiments and get ready to relearn the power of a kiss.

So try this for two weeks, a five minute make out session (clothes and lights on please) and let's see how you're feeling. I am betting you will both be smiling a lot more, just don't plan your make out session in the checkout line at the grocery store, they frown on that kind of behavior.

(via Kissing: The Hot Love Habit That Makes You Both Happier.)