So you got the new iOS 7 update for your iPhone and you're still learning how to navigate around.

Have you learned how to do the same things you used to do but now have changed? haha

One thing that I couldn't figure out was how to force-close or clear out apps. Before, you just hit the home button twice and then pressed and held on to one of the apps at the bottom row. Then once the "X" button showed up on the top left of the app icon, you hit that and it cleared out the app.

Not so much anymore. Here's what you get what you hit the home button twice.

Jude Walker

No worries. The change is actually a good thing. To force-close the app, you just simply swipe the app upwards. So in the above example, you would touch the big rectangular KATC logo and swipe upwards and away it goes. Repeat for all the other apps and you are cleared out and your battery won't get all used up!

Feel free to share other tips/changes you've learned on the new iOS update.