It's a mystery, really. Haven't you ever wondered why your favorite artist keeps missing out on induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame? Every year when they announce the newest members, I always say to myself..."Where is Dottie West and Tanya Tucker?!"  Well, folks, here's how it works: Artists can be inducted in one of five categories. Each year, one inductee in the modern era category and another in the veterans era category are chosen. In addition, there's a rotating category for recording and/or touring musician, songwriter and non-performer, with each one recognized every third year. An anonymous panel overseen by the Country Music Association selects the inductees.

And here's another thing: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction is the coolest thing around. They broadcast it live, with all kinds of great music and speeches-it's awesome. We have NOTHING for the Country Music Hall of Fame induction. Well, I guess if you're in Nashville you might be clued in, but what about the rest of us? Let's get it together and give our country music artists the respect that they deserve by letting EVERYONE celebrate with them