Yesterday a good number of us did what we are supposed to do as Americans. We exercised our right to have a say in  how our country is governed.

Some of us waited an awfully long time for our voices to be heard. I have heard reports on Facebook of people getting in and out in less than 15 minutes.

My own wife stood in line for over two hours waiting to cast her ballot. It was her second attempt, her first attempt around lunchtime would have required a two hour wait during the middle of her business day. Working people can't afford to take three hours off to vote so she came back and voted after work.

How was your voting experience? Did you feel like the people who staffed your polling place knew what their job was? Were they efficient? What could we do better next time?

Here are some of the comments we heard and saw on Facebook during yesterday's voting hours.

-Waited 90 mins to vote at Edgar Martin this morning, it was worth the wait. Hopefully this means a big turnout for this important election.

-Fire station 10 precinct 96y letters A-J took 2 hours!

-We vote at the Le Blanc Fire Station these men and women are so efficient we were in and out in 10 min

-ossun elementary had very long lines, took about an hour and 15 minutes.

-SJ Montgomery-- The wait was thirty-plus minutes at 10 a.m.

-50 mins for precincts 98 & 99 in Broussard.

-took an hour and a half in Cade at the Volunteer Fire Department just finished at 11:40 am.

Do you think the people in charge of the voting process where you live did a good job? Will you be more inclined to vote early in the next election?

To me the good news is how many people stood their ground and waited to make sure their voice was heard. If you could improve the voting process what changes would you make?