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Sleep is one of my favorite topics. Mark Twain said "Write what you know" and I know a lot about sleep.

Since I wake up on the wrong side of the clock I have invested a lot of time in learning about when to fall asleep, how to fall asleep and the best ways to get a good night's rest even when you only have a few hours to accomplish that feat.

I now have information to share with you concerning sleep and your subconscious mind's opinion of your current relationship.

How close do you and your partner sleep? If you sleep next to each other then that bodes well for your relationship. The act of physical contact during sleep suggests that you are also very strongly connected when you are awake. The only issue of complaint that I read about concerning this kind of sleeping was women generally felt a dull poking sensation in the lower back area when they were first attempting to sleep. This was usually rectified by telling their male counterpart not tonight and having them roll over.

Do you sleep less than 30 inches apart? I know, who brings a ruler to bed? Guys, don't answer that you'll embarrass yourself. Studies show that sleeping with 30 inches or less between you is another sign of a well connected couple. This indicates that while the connection between the two of you is strong, there is still plenty of room for independence. Usually couples that have been together for long time sleep this way. It's as if the subconscious mind is saying we are connected but I respect your space.

Do you sleep more than 30 inches apart? Chances are if this is you there is at least a little trouble in paradise. The inner workings of the mind won't allow you to be comfortable and rest in close proximity to your partner. Chances are you need to talk about your relationship. Most of the time this  distance is only temporary until the emotions have time to heal or the court orders come in.

Do you sleep facing each other or back to back? As you might imagine face to face is the sign of a better relationship. Sleeping back to back may not be a tell tale sign of a bad relationship because our body  position while sleeping also says a lot about our personality. Creative people tend to sleep on their left side. People who sleep on their back indicates bravado. Sleeping on your right side indicates a balanced personality. Sleeping in the car means you did not designate a driver.

Do all of these assumptions apply to you? No, they don't. These are general observations about people and their sleeping habits. I found it to be quite interesting considering my wife and I barely sleep in the same room. Well let me clarify, we barely sleep in the same room at the same time. She is usually on her way to bed about the time I am waking up to come to work. We've been married over 26 years so I guess that works for us.