Embarrassing moments, we all have them. We just don't have ours in front of thousands of fans and world wide television cameras. For you and I an embarrassing moment is forgetting to zip our zipper or not remembering our spouses name when introducing them to our boss. Most of our missteps happen in front of just a few people and for the most part the cameras and microphones aren't recording the event for posterity.


This is not the case when  you are one of the hottest rising stars in all of music. Acadiana's own Hunter Hayes talks about a recent faux pas he experienced during the recent CMA Music Fest.

Hunter made these comments while guest hosting Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton. You can hear Lon countdown the biggest hits in country music every Saturday morning with a different superstar co-host beginning at 6am. Hunter's current hit I Want Crazy is poised to be his next number one song.