Hurricane preparedness week started May 27 and it lasts until June 2. We are quite familiar with hurricane season and the official hurricane season starts this Friday, June 1. The coast of Louisiana and Texas have faced hurricanes many times. FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) and NOAA (The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) are partnering together to promote 2012 National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

The six states in the FEMA region are Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. We all can reduce our vulnerability to a hurricane by taking the right steps.

1.) Know your risk: The first step to Be A Force of Nature is to understand how hurricanes can affect where we live and work. When we understand our risk, we are more likely to take the appropriate steps. Check the local weather forecast regularly, and sign up for weather alerts.

2.) Take Action: Make an emergency plan based on local hurricane, severe storms, and flooding hazards and practice how and where to evacuate when instructed by emergency management officials.

3.) Be an Example: Once action has been taken, share the same instructions and advice with family and friends. Social media is also the best way to spread the word.

Let's stay safe!