I make a living using words. Sometimes I use them to tell people what the weather is going to be, sometimes I use my words to make people smile or even get angry. I love words. They convey feelings and ideas, they make the world a better place full of more intelligent people. However, there are some words that just don't need to be used. "Like shooting fish in a barrel", "Not my cup of  tea", or "conversate" these are all examples of words and phrases we understand and know the meaning of but when you analyze them, they are just stupid!

I'm not foolish enough to envision a language free of these stupid sayings and annoying phrases. They will presumably persist for as long as stupid and annoying people are permitted to communicate.

I hope you and I will never have to conversate about our barrel fishing expedition while sipping from the wrong  glass of tea. By the way I have my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, no really I do, I probably need to go floss.