Jeopardy! has always been a favorite game show of mine. I have a vast knowledge of nothing in particular so the show suits my limited brain power perfectly. I don't think I could ever win, but I still love to play along. Now the Jeopardy team is really going for the smarty pants award taking on an IBM computer with two of the game shows best ever.

The practice round was to be played on a stage at an IBM research center in Yorktown Heights, 38 miles north of Manhattan and 2,458 miles east of "Jeopardy!'s" home in Culver City, Calif. A real contest among the three, to be televised Feb. 14-16, also will be played at IBM, but the date hasn't been made public.

It should make for great TV and I will be watching, will you?

(via IBM computer taking on `Jeopardy!' champs for $1M - Yahoo! News.)