So what's a DJ like me doing going all political and using American Idol as a platform? In the words of Howard Cosell, I am calling it like I see it. For some reason the blogosphere doesn't think American Idol should be about singing talent, making music stars and God forbid singing Country Music! They seem to think it is a platform for gender bending freaks with marginal talent or a place where a few tattoos and an outlandish costume are enough to pay the freight. America spoke last night, Idol loves country, the liberal media does not.

If you look at the success achieved by Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, she's had two country duet hits deal with it, you can see the producers of Idol know what the listening public wants.

Let's look at the facts, Country Music sells on American Idol. Oddly enough that is what this show is about, creating ratings on television and then selling records. For those of you who aren't fans of Scotty Mcreery and  Lauren Alaina it's okay you are entitled to your opinion just remember your opinion is in the minority.

So make your plans to go see Adam Lambert or Taylor Hicks in some small out of the way club, I will see you at the big sold out stadiums across the country where these two Idol finalist will proudly be carrying the banner of America's Music.