Dance in public in a speedo? Not on your life! Wait a minute, maybe that isn't such a bad thing. Hear me out, this guy may be on to something.

Tonight when the music kicks off at Down Town Alive or maybe later this evening at one of the many clubs or dance halls around town a lot of guys will just stand by the bar while all the ladies want to dance. It would seem to me that if a fellow wanted to meet a lady or impress the lady he already has in his life he should get out on that dance floor.

Why are so many guys afraid to dance? Because it looks goofy that's why. But it only looks goofy in our minds. Most people on the dance floor are concentrating on their own steps or their own partner too much to  worry about how goofy you might look. Besides darkness can hide some of your clunkier moves and to be truthful, ladies love men who dance.

So tonight, dance like nobody is watching. If you want people to watch, dance in a speedo and chances are you'll be come an internet superstar. Either way you are going to get the attention you've been craving.