We all have birthdays, our Mom's make sure of it. Now whether or not we have happy birthdays depends on your attitude. I know someone who is having a birthday today ( It's Brad Vincent!, he's the guy on the radio right now). I trust Brad will have a great birthday why? Because the stars and astrology has told me so. So what do the stars say about people that were born this day? What wonderful qualities do they posses and bring to the table just by being born? As you can see by the picture I got Brad something VERY SPECIAL for his Special Day. It's not just anybody that I would share Kellie Pickler with.

Your staying power is tremendous, and others are generally in awe of your ability to overcome obstacles. Your professional life is extremely important to you. You need to be careful that your worldly ambitions don't take over your life. Others admire you for your cool and collected approach to the world, and although you enjoy this reputation, it can come at a price--you don't always open your heart to others and might feel alone even if you are surrounded by people. Famous people born today: Rene Russo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Jordan, Denise Richards, Billie Joe Armstrong, Paris Hilton, Margaret Truman.

Happy Birthday Brad Vincent, you are the little brother my parents never wanted and a good friend that I will always need.