Leaving a dog in a locked car is never a good idea. Here in South Louisiana during the summertime it can be deadly, yet people still do it. With Dave Baker forecasting a high temperature of 90 degrees this afternoon, being left in a parked car for any amount of time would  be excruciating for any living creature. I'd like to think that people aren't stupid but the evidence supports another verdict.

The pooch in this video doesn't like to be left in the car no matter what the weather is. I am pretty sure the owner of this pup hates to take him for car rides if this is the result every time she gets out of the car. Can you imagine this happening late at night or early on Saturday morning? I am afraid the reaction from the neighbors would not be pleasant.

Our late dog, Max, used to manipulate the TV remote control with his mouth. One time we returned from a shopping trip to hear the TV playing a full blast and Max laying on the couch watching NASCAR. Now you understand why he was the world's greatest dog.