For most of us a ride in an elevator is only uncomfortable if there are other people on board. I like to ride elevators by myself because when other people get in you feel obligated not to look at them.What should you do? I usually stare at my feet or focus my gaze on the moving numbers associated with the car's travel.

I only get anxious about riding an elevator when there are way to many people trying to get in. You've probably experienced that at a condo in Orange Beach or a hotel in Las Vegas.

Here is one elevator that just watching it makes me nervous. As elevators go it appears to be missing something, namely a door. The other thing it appears to be missing is a final destination. When one climbs into this elevator you don't push a button for your  floor. You just keep riding until you pass the correct one.

This kind of elevator is called a paternoster elevator. It's like a giant conveyor belt with elevator cars that just keep circling around two axles. As far as climbing on board and taking a ride, that would require too much concentration for me. I think I would just take the stairs.