If you ever come over to my house one of the first things you will notice is that we sure do have a lot of pianos. We have a baby grand, an upright, two full size electrics, a 66 key mini and I just found another full size electric in the closet. I tell you this because I believe that kids who play music, sing along with the radio or even do karaoke just seem to be happier.

The kids in this video certainly look like they smile a lot. Then again it's virtually impossible to play a sad song on a banjo. By the way the banjo player is only 9 years old.

Unfortunately music in our schools is constantly on the chopping block when it comes to budgets. That is a shame. It has been proven that kids who are into music also excel at math. Kids who are into music also seem to have a higher self esteem. I think kids need to have a good feeling about who they are and if music can help them achieve that then it is just as important as sports.

What are your feelings? Does music play an important part in your family? Maybe you live in a house full of fiddle players, accordion players or scrub board artists. If you do, consider yourself blessed.