You probably have your own version of road rage don't you. I'd like to think that some of the horrible thoughts we think of when we are behind the wheel are just passing bits of insanity that would never bubble to the surface and become reality. Some people have a lot of trouble with getting angry behind the wheel. Here you can see a powder keg of road rage that is about to explode.

The rider of the scooter takes exception to the way the driver of the car has attempted to squeeze him off in traffic. The driver of the scooter then makes an almost fatal mistake, not once but twice. This video brings to mind a couple of questions. Who besides the police has a dash camera in their car? I don't know of anyone in this country that does, maybe that is the next coming thing. Also I want to know what street in Acadiana brings out your road rage the most? For me it's a toss up between Johnston near Camelia and Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom. I'd love to know what roads drive you crazy while you drive.