An instant. That's how long it takes for life to change. One moment we are singing along with the radio, the next instant we are lying in a twisted wreck of smoking metal. Car crashes happen. Most of us are guilty of driving while distracted. We are talking on our phone or speaking with a passenger next to us. We might be eating a burger or applying make up and that takes our attention away from the road.

Another preventative measure we can take to make driving safer is to simply slow down. We all seem to be in such a big hurry. While on the Interstate a few miles over the limit may not seem like much, on a two lane country road those few extra miles an hour can be deadly.

This safe driving commercial from New Zealand will leave you with goosebumps as it eloquently illustrates the point. Sometimes people make mistakes, if we aren't driving too fast we might have an opportunity to slow down and even avoid that mistake. Please drive safely.