Eric Legrand is not a household name to most sports fans. He was once an aspiring athlete for Rutgers University and their football team. Today he is on a much bigger mission. He is on a mission to inspire you and I to never give up. He is on mission to walk again.

LeGrand was injured on what could only be described as a typical October afternoon in 2010. With just over 5 minutes left in the game between Rutgers and Army, LeGrand charged down the field like he had done many times before to defend a kick off return. What happened next is the stuff of nightmares. LeGrand injured his back, fracturing several vertebrae. He was left paralyzed on the field.

Despite a rather gloomy prognosis LeGrand has shown remarkable courage and inspiration. His story is worth a listen. I promise it will inspire you to quit whining about your current situation and get up and do something about it. I have no doubt that Eric LeGrand will one day return to that field where he was injured. I have no doubt that he will get up, walk off and finish that play too.