The intentional walk, yet another insane unwritten rule of the dull game of baseball. You'd think to save time a coach could just tell the umpire that we'd like to not pitch to the next batter and save us all a lot of time.

This is what happens when your pitcher is having such a hard time with control that he can't even execute four bad pitches.  The batter at the plate obviously has home run power and when the pitcher throws a pitch that is close enough to the plate the batter reaches out and ends the game.

Hurray baseball ! I guess if you can stay awake long enough to actually watch a game it gets interesting for about three seconds. I am not the only one who thinks baseball needs to be more exciting. Truth be told, baseball is a great sport to listen to on the radio. It is an okay sport to watch in person and it is a guaranteed nap if it is on TV.