Ladies, are you tired of having to stick your phone in your back pocket? Well now you have another option to store your mobile device -- your bra!

Two University of Washington students, Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow, have created the JoeyBra -- a bra that snugly holds an iPhone, iPod or other devices of your choosing.

"From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars or dance clubs. Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again," the two young ladies say on their website.

By the way, the pre-order price of $19.99 ends today (4/30). Act fast!

But wait, there's more!! Just kidding. I went the late Billy Mays on you for no reason.