I'm so totally addicted to these real life crime dramas that are popping up all over tv, and I'm glad to see that Louisiana is becoming a popular destination for new shows! (What's not to love about 'Duck Dynasty' and 'Swamp People'??) And now we have 'Southern Fried Homicide' on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

From the ID Network: Against a backdrop of Southern hospitality, etiquette, and traditional values, evil creeps in like vines on a time-honored plantation. Investigation Discovery’s new summer television series, 'Southern Fried Homicide' behind Southern beauty when cracks in moral society give way to cold-blooded murder. Actress Shanna Forrestall, a native of Louisiana, serves as the gatekeeper to these salacious stories that give another meaning to things that “go south.”

Also in the works from our great state -'Swamp Murders,' coming up as a six part series beginning June 4th at 9:00PM CST. 'Southern Fried Homicide' will premier on June 5th at 9PM CST - I can't wait!