Last November I ordered my wife an I-pad for Christmas, it still hasn't arrived. So before we even get to use the product that was perceived as the cutting edge in tablet technology it is already outdated. I feel kind of foolish, but I won't order from any retailer that rhymes with SEARS again so that problem is solved. So what about the almighty  Ipad part deux? How does it compare with the original and all the other tablets that are flooding the market, let's take a look want to?

we're talking a faster, dual-core processor (essential for speedy performance and smooth multitasking#, dual cameras #including a front-facing lens for video chat, a key omission in the original iPad), and a thinner and lighter form factor. The second iPad also keeps a couple of key qualities from the first: 10 hours of battery life, and a $499 price tag for the cheapest, 16GB Wi-Fi-only model

I guess I am behind the times when it comes to technology I have phone that does a lot of things, I use it to make phone calls. I have a computer that does a lot of things I use it to watch videos of people doing stupid things, I have a TV that...well I'm a guy I know how to use that just fine.