This story has a familiar ring to it. Remember when the prototype for the iPhone 4 turned up in a California bar a few years ago? Remember all the hoopla the people at Apple made about getting it back? Well it looks like one of their fine employees has done the same thing for the iPhone 5. 

 Police in San Francisco's Mission District were contacted by Apple employees to help locate what is believe the prototype phone. Apparently the device was "lost" in a tequila bar that an Apple employee had patronized. The people at Apple, who know where every iPhone user is at any given moment, used the device's GPS system to identify its location. With the help of police the address was searched but no iPhone prototype was discovered.

So is this just Apple marketing at its finest? Or do the people at Apple need to institute an alcohol awareness program? I just hope Apple never gets any secret military contracts, I'd hate to have those left behind in a bar. Maybe you could visit some of the bars around South Louisiana over the next few days, you could tell your boss you're doing research on finding the new iPhone.