As you probably know, things have not been going well in Detroit, Michigan the last few years. There are a ton of abandoned homes in the Motor City these days.

That urban plight could actually be a good hiding spot, if you were one that didn't want to be seen.

Oh, yeah, we're talking about Bigfoot! According to one man, sasquatch is taking advantage of the opportunity.

Last week, a guy named C. Brown was driving around Detroit with his wife and kids, looking for a place to move. As they were passing one particular home, they saw something stirring inside. So the family slowed down to take a look.

Brown says, "We see this hairy arm reaching out the window then a whole body, looked like a monkey, only a big damn monkey. Maybe about seven feet tall. It had short reddish hair...a huge head like a triangle shape."

A website dedicated to reporting on creature sightings called "Cryptozoology News" interviewed Brown and now they're pretty sure that Bigfoot is hiding in Detroit.

Well, looks like I'll be heading up this spring to take in a Detroit Tigers game and perhaps a little Bigfoot hunting!