I bet you don't know what Cap'n Crunch's middle name is? Even though you've probably stared at his lovable mug for years as a child dining on his delicious crunchy goodness. It seems as though the good Cap'n if not dead is at least retired. He has fallen victim to societies war on sugary cereals with cartoon mascots that market to kids. I know when I was a kid there was a barrier between bad choices for food and kids, they were called parents. Have parents gone into retirement too? Or maybe it's just the government thinks it can do a better job raising our kids than we can by forcing companies to change their practices.  This story concerning the Cap'n surfaced on a business website (www.dailyfinance.com) and brought all the Cap'ns many friends to his defense, here is part of what the article from Daily Finance stated.

on the Quaker website. Quaker's corporate parent, PepsiCo (PEP), doesn't go out of its way to trumpet its association with the Good Cap'n, either. He doesn't even make an appearance in recipes for yummy treats such as Cap'n Crunch French Toast or Cap'n Crunch Ice Cream Pie.

So what do you think, do cartoon mascots make it hard for your children to say no when it comes to foods? Should it be left up to the government to tell us how these products or sold? By the way the Cap'n's middle name is Magellan.

(via Is Cap'n Crunch Easing Quietly Into Retirement? - DailyFinance.)