Who would have ever thought that carrying cash, American money, would get you arrested? Would you believe that happens everyday in our country? The seizure of large amounts of cash in traffic stops is not uncommon, what is uncommon is what happens to non-drug  money after it has been seized.

 I am against illegal drugs and those that sell, buy and use them. I also believe in basic American civil liberties. As far as I know there are no laws against carrying cash. There does seem to be a problem with carrying too much cash. I can see why law enforcement gets really interested in people that have a large amount of money on their person.

 Does law enforcement have the right to take your money even if no crime has been committed and no charges filed? The answer to that question just might surprise you. Is this a case of guilty until proven innocent and then you're still not going to get your money back? This video just might make you want to put a $20 in your wallet and carry a debit card.