If you're hitting I-10 for the High School Football State Championship games, or the New Orleans Bowl, you should know that there has been increased security due to an up tick in crime at the Mercedes Benz Superdome, reports say. What's alarming and strange is that the reports of crimes sky rocket during New Orleans Saints home games.

From welovenola.com -

“It all began on Sept 8th, when Matt Ryan of Atlanta reported a robbery. Authorities would identify Roman Harper as the man Ryan said stole an intended pass in the visiting end zone area of the Dome. Ryan said the theft by Harper cost his team a win.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

"On Nov 10th, one of the more harrowing incidents of the season occurred when Tony Romo and Jerry Jones from Dallas would suffer a hellacious beating. Witnesses described a long haired thug as the perpetrator, and authorities would later identify him as Rob Ryan, formerly of Dallas. Romo reported he was robbed of his pride and heart during the assault. Jones claims the beating stemmed from his firing of Ryan last year. Authorities would later confirm the motive for the beating.”



“Following several weeks of calm, a man from North Carolina, Cam Newton, was brutally stomped and humiliated in the Dome this weekend. Newton, who foolishly thought he could handle the danger, attempted to bring a slingshot to a gunfight, and was quickly overpowered.”

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All we can hope is that these crimes continue December 29th as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to the Superdome.