Racism, it is a subject that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Brad Paisley has a song on his new CD called "Accidental Racist" about being insensitive without even know it.

The song hit such a nerve on the sensitive issue of racism in America that Brad and his partner on the song, LL Cool J, made the talk show circuit to discuss the song.

My personal belief is that most people of most races take themselves far too seriously. I believe our differences and imperfections are what make us beautiful. Yet when we discuss or bring these differences out into the open we are called racist for simply opening the discussion.

Here is my case and point. The picture included in this narrative is a toothpaste advertisement. When I first saw the advertisement, I laughed. In the world of advertising evoking any emotion is a good thing so I congratulate the creators of this ad on doing that. Will it make me buy this brand of toothpaste? I don't know. Maybe I will remember this brand of toothpaste the next time I need to buy some.

The further reaching effect of this advertisement is not about selling toothpaste. It has stirred a whole new debate on racism. Is it racist to suggest that people of the Caucasian race are not good dancers? I watch Dancing with the Stars and I see white folks doing just fine on the show so my simple mind tells me this is simply a lighthearted poke at a not that important stereotype.

Am I missing something? Should I be mad about this? Should I be bringing up generations of oppressed white people who never got their chance on the dance floor because they were dismissed because of the color of their skin? I guess I could but what good does it do?

My question is this, does this advertisement offend you? Only you know that answer and how you arrive at it depends upon your background, experience and upbringing. Are you wrong for feeling the way you feel? No, not at all. Am I wrong for feeling the way I feel? No, not at all.

The bottom line is this, in America we are as unequal as we CHOOSE to be. At least that's what America should be about. Allowing everyone to choose their path, explore their dreams and dance to the best of their ability no matter the color of their skin.