Everything is sexist. Don't kid yourself by thinking it is not. The cars we drive are sexist. The food we eat is sexist. The clothes we wear are sexist. Okay those items aren't sexist the  methods in which these items are sold are very sexist. Being sexist isn't a bad thing all the time. If you're talking about denying rights or opportunities because gender then yes sexism is terrible. If you are talking about the different sensibilities and preferences of the genders then no it's not. It is just good marketing.

As I have discussed in previous pieces on this website women have two basic concerns. They are concerned about their family. They are concerned about themselves. Men are simpler creatures. We aren't really concerned about anything but what is happening in the game that is on right now. Men might actually be totally worthless.

This British comedy piece really hits the nail on the head in demonstrating how products are marketed to women and how products are marketed to men. Women make deep personal choices. Men make choices that are good for a moment, then the moment is gone.