If we know ANYTHING here in south Louisiana, it's that Nutria are not our friends. They are pesky,  extremely destructive, and downright gross. They even have a whole tv show on the SPIKE Network dedicated to their destruction called "Rat Bastards".  I'm shuddering right now, just thinking about how nutria are laying waste to our beautiful Louisiana.

So, I was somewhat shocked to see that as many as 20,000 dead nutria have washed up on the beaches of Mississippi after Hurrican Isaac. This looks like a HUGE health hazard to me, and I can imagine it's a big headache for tourism on the Gulf Coast as well. A federal contractor with experience in hazardous waste has been brought in, and some workers had quit Sunday morning- you can just imagine how unpleasant a situation that must be. Glad the nutria are dead, but feeling for our brothers and sisters in Mississippi who have to deal with the cleanup.