Super Bowl or should I say "Big Game" Sunday is a great example of the differences between men and women. I ask those of you who weren't consumed by booze to remember your gathering yesterday. It probably went something like this; Pregame, Men in the room with the biggest TV, Women in the kitchen or somewhere away from the TV visiting. Once the game started, everybody is in the room with the biggest TV, women talking during the game, men yelling at the end of every play, everyone quiet during the commercials. Am I close? There are differences between the sexes and ladies this might come as a surprise to you but, sometimes, we aren't that in to your idea of a good time.

Among the handful of objects, activities and events at large on our planet, a number of them are strongly supported by women, while men tend to agree that these very same things, in many instances, pretty much suck.

I know for every action there is an equal and in this case probably very loud and vocal reaction. So ladies, tell us, what things to do we fellows like to do that girls pretty much think suck?