On Sunday at 3pm some lucky person will have their life change, they will win the St Jude Acadiana Dream home. Between now and Sunday you and I have the opportunity to change countless thousands of lives by simply buying a St Jude Dream Home ticket.

This house is amazing, the folks at McClain Homes have again built an amazing showplace. Along with their legions of dedicated contractors, carpenters, plumbers, craftsmen and more this house would be anybody's dream come true. What makes this house even more amazing is how your ticket supports St Jude Hospital.

If you're thinking, 'Why would I support a hospital all the way  in Memphis' our dear friend Tracy Wirtz explains quite eloquently in this piece from her personal blog, The Tracy Zone. Right now in Memphis several Acadiana youngsters and their families are receiving treatment from St Jude. Your Dream Home ticket supports their treatment and the research needed to defeat cancer.

Please reserve your St Jude Dream Home Ticket right now. If you reserve your ticket before Wednesday June 20th you will be eligible for a special drawing for a years supply of gasoline. There are also 19 other great prizes you can win in addition to the Dream Home itself. To reserve your ticket follow this link or call 1 -800-724-1918 you may use your major credit card. If you'd like to pay cash or write a check you can reserve your ticket that way at the Dream Home in Grandpointe Subdivision through Saturday at 9pm.

St Jude finds cures and saves children, there is no higher mission in life than that. Please be a part of a miracle and be watching TV 3 this Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm to see how St Jude changes lives. The life that is changed might actually be yours.