You've got little ones, Christmas has come and gone and still you've got your home decorated in early American Lego with a touch of Wii remotes thrown in for good measure right? So how do you keep the house looking presentable for adults to gather while still maintaining a playroom atmosphere for those that have not yet learned how to pick up after themselves, I mean your kids not just your husband.

 I do not believe that once you have children you need to live in a home that looks like Chuck E. Cheese threw up on a Raymour & Flanigan. There are several ways you can have a home that is family friendly, stylish and dare I say, even sophisticated!

As usual a little thought and maybe a slow Saturday morning and you can have things in order. They won't be hard to keep that way if you follow this wonderful advice.

via 6 Tips to Keep Your Home From Looking Like a Daycare Center! - Manage Your Life on Shine.