We watched their huge family grow right before our eyes on camera. We cringed at their painful breakup and back and forth backstabbing in the media. The spot light has faded for Jon and Kate and maybe that is a good thing. Maybe they both can get on with their lives with out our intrusion to get in the way. Maybe those precious babies can have at least part of a normal childhood and who knows maybe love will bring Jon and Kate back together, this time without the camera crew to catch it all on film.

So after the ups and downs of 2010, the couple have found peace again, especially now that the cameras have gone away. As everything has started to return to normal so have Jon and Kate with Jon now working in green construction and Kate turning to being a full-time mom again.

I hate seeing people in pain, especially when it's the pain that really hurts the heart. I never cared for the Jon and Kate show, I prayed for their kids and for them too. Maybe there is or was a reason for all of the confusion, let's hope they all find peace and happiness