My family has a pretty interesting dog. You may have heard Bruce and I talk about him a little on-air. His name is Kryeaux (Ky-Row) and he is a Basenji.

You've probably never heard of this breed. They aren't that common around here. What makes them unique is that they don't bark.

That can be a good thing. Now, as much as we love him, he does make up for it in other areas. ;)

For the purpose of this story though, he's the cutest darn thing ever. Again, remember the barkless thing. The breed makes a yodel-like sound commonly called a "baroo". It's pretty cool to hear. They pretty much only make it when they're excited or happy to go do something.

I was able to capture Kyreaux in the middle of his excitement recently and his baroo kind of went more on the howl end of things. The result is the video you see below.

Is this the world's longest howl? It sure made me laugh.