I am sure Justin Bieber is not the first performer to fall ill while trying to entertain. Many of our own country stars have stories of  taking a short break during the middle of a set to go call Ralph. So what would be the going rate for Bieber Barf on Ebay?  That brings me to my question for you. How many different ways do we have to say "vomit"?

So while you contemplate all the different ways we have to respectfully indicate a gastronomical problem I will just say this. What makes Justin Bieber barfing on stage so amazing is that it's usually the parents in the audience that are wishing they could. that he kept the show going and never stopped like the amazing performer that he is. You go Justin, way to not disappoint, it makes me even prouder to have that poster of you in my house. I'm just kidding about the Ebay thing in case you were wondering, you can go look if you want to, the  grossest closest thing I could find was a used bar of soap.