Now this is just romantic, I don't care how you feel about Mr. B and his flowing locks of boyish charm. This is just a sweet thing to do. If I had his money I would fill my lover's home with flowers all the time. Girls really like flowers guys, hey speaking of that we have a great Seize the Deal from Leona Sue's Florist you should go get right after you read about this!

The "Baby" hitmaker has remained coy about his blossoming romance with Gomez since they were first spotted out together last year, but he made sure to spoil the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star by buying out a whole flower store on Wednesday, February 16, according to

So tell me ladies, wouldn't you love to come home to a house full of beautiful flowers? A house that your man had cleaned and scrubbed before he brought all the flowers in? That makes it even more romantic doesn't it!