Sorry for the wonkey spelling in the headline but I thought it would be cute since we are talking about every body's favorite pay per sighting family the Kardhashians. You remember that little credit card scam they tried to pull, they decided was not in the best interest of their fans? Well it looks like the fantastic plastic girls might be hiring dear ol Daddy's friends to help get their shapely back ends out of a situation. Wait, situation that's the skanks from the other coast, sorry.

The sisters cut ties to the card three weeks after the product launched following a warning from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that the card's fees were "predatory."

Regardless if you need to know more about how the K's are going to deal with this latest round of forced publicity please give a click on the link below

(via Kardashian sisters sued over debit card debacle - omg! news on Yahoo!.)