Keith Urban joined Bruce and the Kennel Club this morning to chat about his upcoming tour which is hitting the Cajundome on August 27th.

The always energetic superstar got to talking a bit about his family life including his wife Nicole Kidman and two beautiful girls. We asked him about all the joys of fatherhood:

Being a virtuoso guitar player, we asked him if he ever named any of his guitars. Here's his response:

Of course Keith is bringing his Get Closer Tour to the Cajundome in August with Jake Owen and we wanted to know what could us good folks down in Cajun Country expect:

It's gonna be a great show come Saturday night August 27th at our Cajundome for the Get Closer Tour with Keith Urban and Jake Owen. Great seats are still available but rest assured that Acadiana's #1 Country Station will have plenty more opportunities to score the free ones and maybe the backstage passes as well!