Almost all great childhood achievements begin with the phrase, "Hey Mom, watch this!" Most of the time Mom is to busy being Mom to pay attention but in this day and age of digital recording, every amazing moment of childhood can be captured.

If you were at least ten years old in the 80's you might remember cassette tapes. You might also remember some of the really cool Memorex commercials. There  was one that featured Ella Fitzgerald breaking a glass using only her voice, or was it Memorex? The commercial would ask.

Here we see a fine young man holding a wine glass. Now this being the year 2012 we aren't sure exactly what he is going to do with that wine glass but we know it's going to be cool because it is on YouTube. Sure enough the little son of gun delivers in a big way!How is it possible to break a wine glass using only the human voice?

Naturally Mom doesn't believe him and his younger sibling steps directly on to the pieces of the broken glass. Congratulations young wine glass breaker for all of us who never had the chance to record our childhood achievements we salute you!