Grandparents will completely understand why I GUSH about my grandbaby. I call her my "Gigibaby" because she calls me Gigi. She turned 2 in March and is the apple of my eye, the moon in my sky. When she was born, I swear, my brain just OOZED out of my ears and I went totally stupid. Again, grandparents know! I love my children more than I love oxygen but this little girl... there are no words. Anyway, I digress.

This week, I stopped by my daughter's house 'cause I was running low on Gigibaby love. We went into the den and she wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (oh, the things we do!). My daughter has these paper "lanterns" hanging from a doorway with cartoon characters on them because my Gigibaby likes them (she's not spoiled much). She proceeds to name each one. "Look, Gigi... that's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and..." I couldn't understand the third one she said so I asked her to repeat. She was clearly indignant so she repeated, "Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Winnie Shampoo!" That's what I thought you said, my sweet Gigibaby! And you are absolutely right!!!!