Oh my, It's Christmas time in the City!  Ring-a-ling, hear them scream, cause mom and dad just want a picture!  You know you have seen these kind of kids.  Maybe at the Mall of Acadiana or at the Festival of Lights in the Oil Center.  Some kids just don't want to sit on that Jolly ole' man's lap.

Is it because the Santa is mean?  Is it because he looks creepy?  Does he smell bad?

We actually have a picture in my parents house of me and my siblings sitting on Santa's Lap at the Acadiana Mall, and my brother looks so upset in the picture.  Why you ask..cause Santa said, "You're a pain the butt, just take the stupid picture."

So here are the Top 3 pictures of kids who don't like Santa Pics:

3) My Sister Hit Me!

2) Get Us Outta Here, He Doesn't Smell Like Milk and Cookies!

1) Santa told me he wasn't coming to my house this year because my little sister had a dirty diaper that stunk!

Which one is the best?